Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Winter trip to Perth: Here we are ^^

Alhamdulillah, di beri kesempatan utk melancong ke sana, Perth. Tinjau-tinjau, JOM!!

Chocolate factory :)

Hand-made ones ^^

Cuddly Animal Farm, Had a good time ^^

Nougat Factory ^^

Bersusah payah n at last brani jugak ^^

Oh nooooo~ Diorg menyeranggg :(

menarikkan die??

Lost, n sedih rupanya Allah nak halakan kami ke Bells Rapid. ^^ Allah Sangat Sweet terhadap kami ^^


Alhamdulillah ^^, sempat bersembahyang dekat sini. Nyaman. Thank U Allah~

Syok memandu! :)

By the sea~

SubahanaAllah~ Macam mana pun ciptaan Allah sangat cantik warnanya~ MasyaAllah!

John Curtin, first Prime Minister ^^

Maritime Museum ^^

Sesat again, dan balik dengan x pergi kemana-mana, rupanya Allah nak tunjukkan ini. Stop by at Kings Look Out Point. SubhanaAllah!

Aliaa yg baik ^^

London City in Perth ^^

Going to UWA, on the bus, with fantastic view. SubhanaAllah!

The visit to Perth has left me the sweetest memories eva. Not because we had a chance to visit a lot of friends and eating many delicious food , but it was the purpose of the trip (^^). We succeeded in finishing all tafsir of At-Taubah for 3 days. This lovely surah, At taubah is motivational for all sang murabbi out there coz it talks more on their spirit, confidence  and how big their roles are. Besides, there were a lot of 'pengisian' and sharing session which I love the most ^^. 

No other else, I call this trip as 'madrasatul himmah'. Not sure if the arabic one is correct, pakai hentam aje =.='

Wassalam ^^


  1. owh kd.i think i know the girl with white sweater and pink scarf in your 1st photo.wee.n alhamdulillah, u r among those who inspired me to start writing AGAIN in my 'lame' n 'boring' blog.to write in the name of Allah, to share, to inspire n of course to use my FREE TIME wisely.jzkk ;)