Monday, February 21, 2011

Know thyself, then you know God~ Allahu Allahu Allahu~

It has been 2 months since i haven't talking to anyone about the transition that is happening in my life. Yes certain people, i did, but not much a face to face conversation. Yes, I have to admit it somehow, that my life in these last 2 months was a horrific journey, because i struggled a lot, and suffered inside and Our Lord, Allah knows the best way how He would talk to us so that we realise His existence, subhanaAllah! subhanaAllah! subhanaAllah!

Just now, I had a good conversation with my beloved Lecturer talking about God, His existence, the purpose of living in this life, and other stuffs. It is not surprising to me that our religions have a lot of things in common because I believe the only true religion (others are human-made religion) in this life is my religion, islam:submission to God which means in arabic is a religion of submitting yourself to God, Allah subhanahu wa taala.

And I thank Allah for has chosen me to be a muslim because I know He knows the best who are creditable to be His true believers. And I always hope that He will protect me from being astray, and He will! aminn ya rabbana A'lamin.

We had this conversation went on until 1 hour and we didnt realise how we were being carried away by the topic, it was so meaningful to me that the conversation was based by the discussion of God.

And I have to remind myself that the lecturer is not simply a person who is learning a religion. She knows what my religion is, she learns a lot, and she knows a lot about islam and her religion. We shared a lot that we were discussing about the purpose of living in this world. And It came to a point that she handed me a paper containing or a discussion about who they are, the Seventh Day Adventists. 

I read it, and found it really interesting that everything is based on Islamic sources and elements: the other that differs us that the believe in prophet Jesus (p.b.u.h) as their God, and they believe that sabt (saturday is their rest day: a dating with God). They must not do any activity on that day even to have picnic with other friends. That is really differs with us because we have a day (Friday) as a special day for muslims but we dont specifies any specific day to worship Allah, everyday is the same because Allah is always be with us, everyday is worshiping day. And I proud to have 5 times prayers to be done in a day, It was beautiful thing eva!

And i know the fact that she handed to me the paper discussing about her religion is because the religion asks them to 'dakwah' to other people tooo, and it was so crystal clear that she wanted me to understand the religion and at least know that she had done her job and know what to answer in front of God in the judgement day. 

It is the reflection of my religion, Islam and I know why she handed in the paper. I try to tell us as much as i know about my religion, insyaAllah and pray Allah will give hidayah to her, Ameen. 

When I came back to my house after meeting the lecturer, one of house mates, a korean girl, a very good korean girl was in my room, and she said my room is the best, that's why she was lazing around my room. It was funny, and korean are always funny =), and we had a very long conversation and eat crab together, such a beautiful moment Allah gave me, Alhamdulillah.

We shared thought and things such as about gay people here in Brisbane as Gays are a lot here and I'm soooooooooo ashamed to be here together with them. Hope Allah shows the best way to them. InsyaAllah.

And came to a point that she voiced out her opinion saying that she does support human rights that it is their choice (GAys) to be who they like to be. I heard about her opinion but just smiled and know deep down in my heart it isn't to be like that, God has created us with a purpose , there is always a purpose to be a man, to be a girl and to be a believer. And He knows the best why He tests us in our own way. And those who betrays Him, would have to pay for it in the hereafter. Allah, Allah, Allah~

A meaningful day for me and I think of God a lot today, Allah subhanahu wa Taala. It is all about know thyself then you will know God, Allah Almighty more.

p/s: Poor Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) for many denying his existence as the last prophet but still he is still missing all his ummat, ummati ummati ummati, Allah has chosen the best prophet for us.

1 Say: He is Allah, the One!

2 Allah, the eternally Besought of all!

3 He begetteth not nor was begotten.

4 And there is none comparable unto Him.



  1. reading this post is like having been kicked in the gut. Masha Allah, I almost gone astray from the path shone by Him. I'm so ashamed of myself for taking His hidaya for granted. Nastaghfirullah nastaghfirullah nastaghfirullah. i beg you, friend. please hold my hand along this path for i'm not sure i could walk in this path alone.

  2. InsyaAllah~ We will keep on reminding each other~ And berhati-hati dlm mencari ilmu dan sentiasa kita berdoa supaya ditetapkan di dlm jalanNya yang sahih, kerana islam sebenar adalah agama yg terbuka. So dont be scared, as long as we show how our iman in action, there will be friends who will help us, InsyaAllah~

  3. Amin... thanks kak diah. that really calmed me a lot. i know i can always count on my sisters to lead me to Him. i'm very grateful that Allah blessed me with such wonderful sisters. Alhamdulillah..

  4. 'kak' diah tu sgt menonjol yaaa~hahha

  5. wahahaha... sweet yo! kd.. i really am buying tshirts from you.. nnt nk katalog bulehhhh... b4 ak blk.. kakak ak pun nk. ^^