Tuesday, April 12, 2011

100 stories about time!

Facing the computer for about 1 mins.

Facing the computer for about 2 mins.

Facing the computer for about 3 mins.

Now is already 6 mins altogether,

not knowing what to do,

and at last went to the kitchen n wanted to grab some food, but cancelled...and took a cup of milk instead, added on 2 spoon of milo. 

Went back to computer and Now taadaaaa~ IM AM WRITING ^^.

simple as that!

Why are you taking such a wasted 6 mins to do some work, nadia mustafa?

It's not yet simple, but not that hard either! 

and many times actually we need something to make us move.

What is so hard about it? 

Just take any action that make u move. Don't take any action that keep you waiting for nothing.

The simple is applied to real life too! 

The more you are procrastinating, more workload u have to carry! and less time to finish it.

Take time and have a think about it!

I have so many friends complaining (including me) that we are waiting for an idea to write up an essay/mood to study. Sumtimes, it takes up to 3-4 hours to get the feelings. Same goes with me. But for me, the wasted 3or 4 hours actually is a way of procrastinating my work, just an excuse.

Just an excuse.

Just an excuse.

for being lazy not to start the work.

an excuse to gain a ticket to procrastinate the work


Its funny when we have 1 night to submit the assignment, thats when the idea comes, that's when we can do our work, that's when the theory of urgency comes about. 

Or the urgency of the time makes us think, focus and do our work actually? what say you?

And its funny, when im writing down this to the readers, im still procrastinating this entry for 4-9 mins to just comment my friends' statuses on FB, haha, world is full of ironic things!

And some will say that we are being multitaskings with our works?

Are we really??

Are we really being multi-taskers?

Please be honest with ur own self! No one knows about you unless you urself and the God almighty.

Are we really being multi-taskers?

Or we are not serious with our works?

Or we just try not to say that we actually ARE procrastinating our time??


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